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Faux Mink 811

  • Sexy flared effect
  • Lash is longer on the outer corners creates a sexy flared look
  • Extra fine, soft fibers
  • Criss-cross layering
  • Light volume


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Jasmine Ballesteros 2017-09-20 19:10:55

I love these lashes they have been my favorite for months and can't stop re purchasing them. Honestly haven't found lighter and better lashes than these. The band is literally invisible I can't feel it on my eye when placed properly.

Chrina 2017-07-05 16:57:07

I used to love these lashes. They were, and still are my everyday go to lashes. Although, it seems like they have changed and became weaker. I'm not sure if ardell changed production to make them cheaper or what. They also don't look the same as they used to on my eyes which is disappointing. Currently looking for new lashes for my everyday!!

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