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Short Black


Get the closet thing known to natural lashes. These exclusive individual lash clusters are permanently curled, waterproof, weightless and easy-to-apply. You can wear them up to 6 weeks at a time. For the more popular looks, try Short Black or Medium Black.
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Laura Kuhn 2017-09-12 22:54:28

The glue is like super glue. The remover does not work. This was fun in the beginning. Now a nightmare. This evil things will have pulled off most of my own eyelashes by the time this sad story is done. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT. They irritate your lids after a day or two, and they do not come off.

maya 2014-09-07 03:57:30

amazing! easy to apply, looks natural, very light

Alexandra 2014-05-30 04:43:00

These lashes look so natural and are really easy to apply. Much easier than strip lashes!
I apply 9 clusters on both eyes and add a little bit of waterproof mascara to blend them in.

Kathryn 2015-05-05 13:17:06

I love the individual flares but wish I could buy them online. My pharmacy only has the mixed ones and I really need short and medium ones rather than long ones. I use 8, four short, four medium on either side and use no mascara. They look great. I love it

CHAU LAU HUNG 2013-06-08 20:36:41


lourdes priscila chavez garcia 2013-05-30 22:03:48

hola a mi me me gusta ardellpor que es una marca muy profecional de las pestaƱas y me gustaria obtener mas productos de su marca

DEROND Nathalie 2012-07-24 20:31:55

I like it

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