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Karen Sarahii Gonzalez

Julie San Agustin

Carine Bernedo
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OPTIONAL : If you used an Ardell Lash for your look , you can select a lash style below. This in not required.
101 Black
101 Demi Brown
102 Black
102 Demi Brown
103 Black
104 Black
105 Black
105 Brown
106 Black
107 Black
107 Brown
108 Demi Black
108 Demi Brown
109 Demi Black
109 Demi Brown
110 Black
110 Demi Brown
111 Black
112 Lower Black
112 Lower Brown
113 Black
114 Black
115 Black
116 Black
116 Brown
117 Black
117 Brown
118 Black
119 Black
120 Demi Black
120 Demi Brown
122 Black
122 Brown
123 Black
124 Demi Black
124 Demi Brown
Twin Pack 101
Twin Pack 120
125 Black
Double Up 206
Twin Pack 105
Twin Pack 110
126 Black
Double Up 203
Double Up 204
Double Up 205
128 Black
Self Adhesive 109s
Self Adhesive 101s
Self Adhesive 116s
131 Black
134 Black
136 Black
Double Up 201
Double Up 202
137 Black
138 Black
Self Adhesive 110s
Self Adhesive 120s
139 Black
Scanties Black
Scanties Brown
Lacies Black
Wispies Black
Wispies Brown
Demi Pixies Black
Demi Pixies Brown
Demi Wispies Black
Demi Wispies Brown
Demi Luvies Black
Sweeties Black
Beauties Black
Fairies Black
Sexies Black
Luckies Black
Babies Black
Hotties Black
Demure Black
Gisele Black
Tyra Black
Daisy Black
Daisy Brown
Claudia Black
Naomi Black
Romantic (Glitter)
Sophisticated (Glitter)
Lash Accents # 301
Lash Accents # 305
Lash Accents # 308
Lash Accents # 311
Lash Accents # 315
Lash Accents # 318
Short Black
Short Brown
Medium Black
Self Adhesive 105s
Medium Brown
Long Black
Long Brown
Short Black
Short Brown
Medium Black
Medium Brown
0.125 oz. LashTite Adhesive - Clear
Color Impact 110 Green
Color Impact Demi Wispies Wine
Color Impact 110 Blue
Color Impact Demi Wispies Plum
Color Impact Demi Wispies Blue
Ardell Edgy Lash 401
Ardell Edgy Lash 402
Ardell Edgy Lash 403
Ardell Edgy Lash 404
Ardell Edgy Lash 405
Ardell Edgy Lash 406
Ardell LashLites 330
Ardell LashLites 331
Ardell LashLites 332
Ardell LashLites 333
Ardell LashLites 334
Ardell LashLites 335

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