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How to Apply Individual LashesVideo: How to Apply Individual Lashes

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Duralash Natural - Knot Free

Short Black

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Styles: Natural|Individuals

Shapes: Small Eyes|Large Eyes|Round Eyes|Almond-Shaped Eyes|Deep-Set Eyes

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Get the closet thing known to natural lashes. These exclusive individual lash clusters are permanently curled, waterproof, weightless and easy-to-apply. You can wear them up to 6 weeks at a time. For the more popular looks, try Short Black or Medium Black.

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Kianna Araujo

June 3, 2014
Can I purchase lashes on your website?


May 30, 2014
These lashes look so natural and are really easy to apply. Much easier than strip lashes!

I apply 9 clusters on both eyes and add a little bit of waterproof mascara to blend them in.

angelee jackson

May 11, 2014
trying to order wholesale


March 19, 2014
vorrei acquistare

Kathleen Doyle

March 10, 2014
I would like to order individual Ardell Duralash Individual lashes I saw them in the uk paper The Daily Mail and they are brilliant they said.

Thank you


June 8, 2013

lourdes priscila chavez garcia

May 30, 2013
hola a mi me me gusta ardellpor que es una marca muy profecional de las pestaƱas y me gustaria obtener mas productos de su marca

Liezel Horn

December 4, 2012
The Natural short lashes are the best! I live in South Africa and i would like to purchase a box the short natural black lashes? please can you inform me on what the price is and when i would expect delivery after payment?

Thank you

Graceann Pepe

September 30, 2012
Not a fan. Have been using Ardell lashes for over 30 years and I find the ones with knots are much more stable and sturdy.

DEROND Nathalie

July 24, 2012
I like it

Thoroughly clean your eyelashes and eyelids so they are make-up and oil free.

  1. Step 1

    Pour a few drops of LashTite adhesive on a piece of foil.

  2. Step 2

    Gently lift a DuraLash from tray with tweezers.

  3. Step 3

    Dip end into adhesive.

  4. Step 4

    Starting at the center of the eyelid, apply lashes one at a time by placing the lash cluster on top of one of your own natural lashes with the end close to, but not touching your eyelid. Support lash gently with fingertips until adhesive sets. Work towards the outer corner. Return to center and gradually work inward until lashes blend.

Apply 10-15 lashes per eye.

DuraLashes should be replaced as your natural lashes shed. (About 4 to 5 weeks)

Care and Cleaning:

Cleanse lashes with cool water. Oil-based cleansers soften adhesive. Be gentle. Don't rub or towel dry your eyes. Allow your lashes to air dry. Like natural lashes, DuraLashes will singe. Avoid open flame or direct heat.


Your DuraLashes can be easily removed with specially formulated LashFree Adhesive Remover. Never try to pull them off after adhesive has set.