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How to Apply Individual LashesVideo: How to Apply Individual Lashes

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Duralash Flare

Medium Black

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Styles: Natural|Individuals

Shapes: Small Eyes|Large Eyes|Round Eyes|Almond-Shaped Eyes|Deep-Set Eyes

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Give lashes the thicker, longer, attention-getting look with very easy-to-apply individual lashes that are knotted, lightweight and waterproof. Short Black, Medium Black, and Long Black styles are “in”.

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April 2, 2014
I would like to buy wholesale, please send me price and info.


March 14, 2014
how much is it in pack and also netherlands sending please let me know for medium thanks

Andrea Purvis

February 26, 2014
please email me how to pruchase your product wholesale.

thank you



February 3, 2014
love these lashes!

where can I buy online besides

where can I buy online?


February 1, 2014
Hello ardell

I am interested in buying wholesale, can you please send me your catalogue or price list

I have a beauty Salon In Denamrk and cvr.

Claudia Larsen

January 6, 2014

I am interested in buying wholesale, can you please send me your catalogue or pricelist.

Thank you..

Natetisha Dollison

January 3, 2014
I would like to place an order. Please provide me with contact information. Thank you!


December 11, 2013
I would like to order wholesale can u send me info.

Ce ce callaway

November 26, 2013
Please email me info on ordering lashes. Thank you.

Sana James

November 5, 2013
I wanna order wholesale can u please email me the information please

Angie Arcos

November 4, 2013
Beautiful lashes but how can I purchase?

Cassie Foyt

September 17, 2013
I received the ardell lash training from Sharon from Chicago!

She came to my store,ULTA, in Fargo, ND, and she was



August 14, 2013

i am interested in buying wholesale, can you please send me your catalogue or pricelist

Thank you


August 4, 2013
I would like to know prices for these individual lashes, and where can I purchase them as well as the permanent package?


July 28, 2013
i am in iran

How can get your products?


June 26, 2013
I want to buy your lashes can you tell me how much I want buy wholesale thanks

Elizabeth James

June 22, 2013
I would like to buy your lashes, do you have a catalogue


June 18, 2013
Me gustaria saber precios y como comprarlas


June 18, 2013
I am interested in stocking some of the individual lashes, short, medium and large black, could you email me the prices please.


June 5, 2013
Deseo informacion y precios para comprar pestañas individuales

Muchas gracias!

III phases of beauty

May 16, 2013
Hello, I want some info on buying individual lashes for my spa. Could you please send information on how to order? Thank you


April 20, 2013
You should allow online purchases .... So much easier for makeup artist to stock up.


March 1, 2013
How i can buy yours products?


February 2, 2013
I am interested in stocking Ardell Duralash flare in short, medium and long. Can I please see a catalogue and price list or can you please advise stockists in Melbourne?

Kookie Renee

January 26, 2013
How can I buy the short, medium, and long lashes in a lump sum or wholesale?


January 14, 2013
Hello i want to buy Ardell Dura lash flare in medium and long. Please send me catologue and wholesale prices please


January 2, 2013
Hello i want to buy Ardell Dura lash flare very short , medium and short. please send me wholesales price. Best regards Lioudmila from Cyprus.

N Nelson

December 4, 2012
Hi! I want to buy Ardell Dura lash frale Short, Medium and Long.

Please send me your catologue and wholesales price.

N Nelson

Wilhelmina Nadula Amadhila

October 17, 2012
Hi! I want to buy Ardell Dura lash frale Short, Medium and Long.

Please send me your catologue and wholesales price.

Wilhelmina N. Amadhila


October 14, 2012
These are great. I usually have them
Done in a salon but thought I would give these a try, and
I am very impressed. Thanku


October 6, 2012
Ami me encantAN cambia Totalmente tu mirada tu rostro de TRISTE A ALEGRE es increible como unas pestañas cambian tu AUTOESTIMA AUNQUE NO LO CREAS TE HACE SENTIR BONITA-

tea mrevlishvili

September 7, 2012

octavia jones

August 1, 2012
I am so addicted to your product. I luv the flare they provide to my eyes. All of my clients get them also. Thanks for a great product.


August 1, 2012
Necesito comprar productos Ardell en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria perro no conozco donde. ¿pueden informarme?

Miranda DeBoard

July 10, 2012
I love your individual lashes in the short, medium, and long lengths! I get compliments on my lashes everywhere I go. They are very easy to apply, and they look and feel like real lashes unlike most lash strips I have tried. And the greatest thing is they last a long time so my lashes look fantastic for weeks! Thanks for providing an outstanding product that I cannot live without!!!

Anibelka clase

June 30, 2012
I love.

Thoroughly clean your eyelashes and eyelids so they are make-up and oil free.

  1. Step 1

    Pour a few drops of LashTite adhesive on a piece of foil.

  2. Step 2

    Gently lift a DuraLash from tray with tweezers.

  3. Step 3

    Dip end into adhesive.

  4. Step 4

    Starting at the center of the eyelid, apply lashes one at a time by placing the lash cluster on top of one of your own natural lashes with the end close to, but not touching your eyelid. Support lash gently with fingertips until adhesive sets. Work towards the outer corner. Return to center and gradually work inward until lashes blend.

Apply 10-15 lashes per eye.

DuraLashes should be replaced as your natural lashes shed. (About 4 to 5 weeks)

Care and Cleaning:

Cleanse lashes with cool water. Oil-based cleansers soften adhesive. Be gentle. Don't rub or towel dry your eyes. Allow your lashes to air dry. Like natural lashes, DuraLashes will singe. Avoid open flame or direct heat.


Your DuraLashes can be easily removed with specially formulated LashFree Adhesive Remover. Never try to pull them off after adhesive has set.